Data Replication

Between AWS accounts, just click away

Stop "duct-taping" your buckets


Data replication between multiple accounts and multiple regions is not easy! NooBaa has a quick solution for that. 

NooBaa combines multiple native cloud storage silos into a single data fabric. All your storage resources become accessible via a single API, the defacto standard for object storage, AWS S3 compatible API, letting you place, or move data around with just a few clicks.

By default, NooBaa will also compress, deduplicate and encrypt your data. Simple

NooBaa multi native cloud providers' storage


CostLower costs 

NooBaa is a storage that optimizes your budget, by optimizing your storage. Never again be held hostage by a storage vendor or a cloud service provider.

manageSimplify your data management

A single pane of glass controls your cloud storage resources. Archiving becomes a simple task of changing storage designation – NooBaa will do the rest.

globeEasily replicate across multi regions

Within the NooBaa’s storage grid, media can be stored and accessed from anywhere. Your geographically distributed teams need not worry anymore about their assets storage location. A true global data replication is in your reach.

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