General Data Protection Regulation

You have a reason for your worries

Are you worried about ever-growing storage needs and costs?

Are you concerned with the effect of GDPR on your infrastructure?

Do you have geographically distributed teams that struggle with data collaboration? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then take a look at NooBaa’s software-defined object storage.

NooBaa combines commodity hardware and the cloud into a single data fabric. All your storage resources become accessible via a single API, the defacto standard for object storage, AWS S3 compatible API, letting you place, or move data around with just a few clicks.

Infrastructure considerations and data management in distributed environments under GDPR by Yuval Dimnik

If you worry about the data gravity, as you have multi PBs of storage, we are a step ahead. With NooBaa advanced tiering, we will store all your hot data locally and mirror it to the cloud. Once the data cool down, we will simply remove the local copies and will serve your data directly from the cloud.  

CostLower costs by 75%

Mix and match commodity hardware, storage devices, and the cloud. Pick the storage mix that optimizes your budget, and move assets around to lower costs. Never again be held hostage by a storage vendor or a cloud service provider.

manageSimplify your data management

A single pane of glass controls your on-prem, data center, and cloud storage resources. Archiving becomes a simple task of changing storage designation – NooBaa will do the rest.


Secured, in your own terms
Within the NooBaa’s storage grid, all the data is encrypted. You can easily decide which silos are isolated in one location, and which silos are shared and cross region. You can even anonymize data on the fly before you move it from one silo to another. Your geographically distributed teams need not worry anymore about their data, as it is finally within your reach.

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