NooBaa Multi Namespace

No need to migrate from one cloud vendor to another, use them both

What is NooBaa Multi Namespace?

Using NooBaa, users can instantly connect to their existing data repositories such as on AWS, Azure, or any other object storage and create a single unified view of all the data via a unified AWS S3/Azure Blob API.

NooBaa Multi Namespace is the fastest way to migrate applications from one place to another or create a multi-cloud solution that will let you save the migration project and reduce dramatically the egress cost.

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NooBaa Multi Namespace Overview

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How it works in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Deploy NooBaa's core server, which is a virtual machine. It can use any hypervisor.

Step 2

Configure your cloud native storage accounts.

Step 3

Select the source AWS S3 buckets and the Blob containers and select the default target for write operations.